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Greening Afia

Greening Afia

As part of the hotel’s corporate and social responsibility programme, we are implementing a number of “Green” features to preserve and protect the natural environment.

Including the following:

Composting of all biodegradable waste originating in the rooms, restaurant and offices to make humus which is then incorporated back into our garden as fertilizer thereby avoiding chemical fertilisers.

Growing herbs and vegetables on site to eliminate transport costs and emissions.

Using bicycles or walking as much as practicable for running errands such a shopping, banking, collecting phone cards etc.

Collection and recycling of waste.

Encouraging the exploration of the local environment on foot and/or bicycle by providing maps of walking routes and local attractions.

Installation of a trickle filtering system to safely treat the sewage in our septic tank, to eliminate the toilet waste and produce clean, pathogen free water for the garden.

Reducing the use of plastics.